The gO! Running Group is a Roseville based recreational running group that aims to provide group running opportunities for runners of all abilities. Although our focus is primarily on 5K to marathons, we have members who have completed triathlons (including Ironman events) and ultras. We train on both roads and trails. We currently meet three times per week - Sunday mornings and Tuesday/Thursday evenings.

Monday, December 17, 2012


As we all prepare and start to schedule our running events for 2013, please keep the following events in mind as we will gather as many gO! folks at each one to "INVADE" the race! We hope to see a big gO! turnout at each of the following....
Jan. 5- TBF Free New Year's Duathlon

Feb. 3- Davis Stampede 1/2, 10K, 5K, Kids Run 

Feb. 3- Surf City Marathon and 1/2 Marathon

Feb. 9- Valentine Run 4M

Mar. 9- Way Too Cool 50K

Mar. 17- Shamrock'N 1/2 Marathon

Apr. 6- AR50

April 14- Run Rocklin 12K, 5K

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fleet Feet Free Holiday Classic

Join us Sunday morning for the annual Fleet Feet Free Holiday Classic 5K and Kid's 3/4 mile in Sacramento. Race starts at 9am, so we will meet to carpool at 7:30am at  the Park 'N Ride between Sunsplash and In N Out on Taylor Rd.  The race is FREE but they ask that you bring an unwrapped toy to donate to the Salvation Army. There is no timing or "results" so the gO! Group usually takes the opportuity to run together. Don't forget to wear your gO! shirts with a dose of  holiday spirit! RSVP on the "Who's Racing Where" page to the right.

Friday, November 30, 2012

CIM Weather Forecast.....

Sun Dec 2

Heavy Rain / Wind

HIGH 60°

LOW 46°

Heavy Rain / Wind

Potential for flooding rains

Chance of rain:
S at 22 mph 
Let's gO!!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


  • CIM Pasta Feed this Friday, 7pm, Spaghetti Factory. See details below and RSVP on Race Log.
  • 4th Annual gO! Winter Party- We have moved the annual gO! Winter party into January as to avoid as many conflict as we can with other parties and events folks may have in December. Plan to be there Saturday Jan. 12, 2013!!!
  • Free Fleet Feet Holday Run, Dec. 16. It has become tradition that we "invade" this FREE and WONDERFUL event. We typically run as a group, please join us!!!
  • 4th Annual Holiday Lights Run, Thursday Dec. 20! See calendar for usual spot/address.

CIM Logistics

For those folks participating and/or attending the CIM this Sunday here are some gO! group plans for the day. Feel free to meet up with us for some and/or all of the following:
  • Practice some 7am miles this week! Go out and see what the first 1-2 miles is going to feel like in this weather in the race clothes you plan on wearing.
  • 7pm Friday night pasta feed at Spaghetti Factory on Sunrise Ave.. RSVP on "Who's Racing Where" spreadsheet linked at the right. All are welcome, even if you are NOT participating in the CIM.
  • Race check-in/packet pick-up Friday (3-7pm) and Saturday (9-5pm) at Sac Convention center.
  • Friday is the most important time to get good sleep! Go to bed early and take a nap mid-day Saturday. It is found that most do not get good sleep the night before and surprisingly it has little effect on runners anyway. They say that as long as you get good sleep within the last 48 hours, you will be fine.
  • Remember, NOTHING NEW from here on out. No new restaurants, food, snacks, massage techniques, stretches, etc. If you did not do it in training, don't do it now! This includes giant "carbo-loading" meals and/or "hydrating" until you are completely bloated and your sodium completely diluted.
  • Run an easy 3-4 a couple times this week, then get an easy 1-2 miles in Saturday just to stretch it out and ease nerves. I even enjoy a mile or so at a brisk/racing pace. It feels good to loosen up the day before.
  • Race Day Weather- Cloudy with 50% chance of showers, mid 40's at start, 11mph wind. Could be an adventure once again this year! Dress in "disposable" layers. Do not overdress in permanent layers and then overheat at mile 2. Hat and gloves are BY FAR the best way to battle the cold. Disposable version are at Target for $1.99.
  • Carpool to the start. Some of us will be meeting at Gar and Anne's at 6am to carpool to the drop off. Please use the "Who's Racing Where" to let us know to expect you. The less cars the better at the start. Either way, plan to arrive at the start no later than 6:15, it will be congested and crowded.
  • Do not eat too much within the hour before race start. Try to finish all your big eating by 5:30 or 6am. Then just sip a beverage or nibble on some "small" food between 6 and 6:40ish.
  • At the start line we will gather at the bike shop (Folsom Bike) just behind the gas station on the corner of Auburn Folsom and Damn rd. This is just a place to warm up, stretch, and say good morning and good luck to each other.
  • Remember, DRESS WARM at the start line. You can then leave all of your extra warm clothes with race volunteers and they will transport it all to the finish. You will get your "clothes check" bag when you pick up your packet at the expo. You will then use this bag to shed all extra layers just before you start the race and have access to the clothes immediately after finishing. You cannot dress too warm for the waiting period before the race.
  • Others will be along the course if you need to drop clothes, gloves, hats, etc along the way. But, in my experience, disposable warm gear is best, that way you can drop wherever you like!
  • At the finish line we will gather on the corner of 10th and L st. to cheer on the finishers. This will hopefully give us a spot to cheer finishers on just before the line and hopefully will not be overcrowded.
  • HAVE FUN!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

50 YEARS and 5000 MILES!!

Congrats to Laurie B. who hit 5000 gO! miles on her 50th birthday! She is the first gO! member to hit the milestone and we are VERY, VERY proud of her!!!. The amazing feat by the numbers.....
  • She has logged her gO! miles for 1195 days.
  • She averaged 4.2 miles/day for 3 years, 3 months and 7 days.
  • If she drove 60mph, it would take over 83 hours to drive the 5000 miles.
  • It's over 190 marathons.
  • Running non-stop at a 10 min./mile pace, it would still take 34 days, 17 hours to complete the 5,000 miles.
  • If she were to have replaced her shoes every 300-400 miles (as recommended), and pay an average of $100 per pair of shoes, she would have spent over $1400 is running shoes alone.
  • If she averaged two gO! runs per week for the 170 weeks, she would have listened to an estimated 57 hours of Josh talking before runs (based on an average 10 minute talk per run)!
  • In 5000 miles, she could have run to Pittsburgh and back!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

gO! 4 Beer Run

6:00 Saturday November 10
Meet at the parking lot across from Fountains

We will  run to a pub nearby and have a beer. 
Then to Old Town Roseville for a second and finally back to Yardhouse or other nearby establishment.
Should be fun! Hope to see you there!

Friday, November 2, 2012

CIM Training Run
Please use the "Who's Racing Where" log to declare your intentions for the CIM training run this Sunday. We need to know how many are running, who can shuttle, and where people are starting from. For reference, Fleet Feet Fair Oaks is 18 miles from finish,  Corner of Mazanita and Fair Oaks Blvd. is 12-13 miles from finish, and Lohman's Plaza is 6 miles from the finish. See the detailed course map at
Some are planning breakfast  right after run at deVeres.
Hope to see you there!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

gO! Runners Halloween Run

See you at Cavitt 10 PM
All runners welcome
You know you wanna do it!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Some gO! folks will be heading up the hill this Saturday to participate in the race. Looks like fun! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

RHS Pink Ladies
Walk For the Cure
100 years of RHS

Join us in this fight
Join others in generosity
By working together we can help find a cure for cancer

Roseville High School’s PINK LADIES/LADS will be hosting our very own Walk For The Cure to support Cancer Awareness.

Date: Saturday, 27 October 2012 9am – 3pm 

 Pick up shirt & participant # beginning at 8am

Location: Hansen Field/RHS Football Field

OPEN to the PUBLIC! Food, Local, Interests, Music
We are tracking all laps walked for cancer!
Get a team together and walk 100 laps for 100yrs of RHS

Monday, September 17, 2012

gO! Mile - My Observations

OUTSTANDING EFFORT once again by the gO! Runners with several PRs and close to PR times. Optimistically I think we can still improve. Most people ran a little too fast on the first lap. Slowing the first lap by 5 seconds may allow the 2nd and 3rd laps to be about the same split with a cumulatively faster 3/4 mile time. This is reinforced by the fact that most people were able to run the last lap fater than their 3rd lap split.

Splits HERE

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Women's Triathlon Festival

One of my favorite races is coming this Saturday and Sunday at Rancho Seco Recreational Area. TBF Racing puts on this event every year. Saturday's races are women only.  It's a great way to get started in the exciting, super fun swim-bike-run sport called a Triathlon. For those who prefer not to swim, TBF also has an option to run-bike-run in an event they call a Duathlon. All explained on

Saturday's fun starts with the Supersprint at 7:30. Plan an hour to drive there and an hour to get set up and body marked (everyone will have their race number and age marked on their arms and legs with a Sharpie) . The longer race starts at 8:30 but I suggest arriving by 7:00 before the Supersprint starts. Directions on the website and below.

Sunday's event is another Super Sprint but for everyone.

Each athlete registered for the Women’s Triathlon Festival will receive a $42 value Skirt Sports Race Belt Skirt but sizes are not guaranteed. PLan to get to the  Packet Pick Up  at Fleet Feet Sports in Sacramento on Friday September 7th from 2 to 7 pm where special refreshments will be provided by Skirt Sports and Fleet Feet Sports. Packets may also be picked up race morning from 6 am to 8:30 am at the race site. 

From Sunrise Blvd and Highway 50, head south towards Jackson Highway on Sunrise Blvd.  Turn left on Jackson Highway and proceed ~4.5 miles to Dillard Road.  Turn right on Dillard Road.  Turn left on Clay Station Road.  Turn left on Highway 104.  Turn right into Rancho Seco Park. 

DO look through the TBF site. There's a lot of information there.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Big Huge Giant weekend for gO!!!

First we have the gO Advocates doing their first half marathon/ full marathon!!!

Then we have Heather doing the Skirts and Dirt 25k on Saturday!!! You gO girl!!! Have a great race and keep it dirty out there!!!

Then our fearless leader......the long lost Josh!!! He will be in Louisville doing an Ironman!!
gO Josh!!! Good luck and have fun!!! Watch out for the heat and the humidity. Drink drink drink... water that is.

Can't wait to hear all the stories after this busy weekend.
By Guest Blogger Dave

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

HOT HOT HOT Thursday Night

Let's move the run to  Cavitt tomorrow. We will hopefully find some shade and jump in the lake.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Good luck to all Vineman Ironman 70.3 gO!  participants this Sunday!! You can follow all of their splits at on race morning. Have fun and enjoy the race!!

Start time
Arrive at T2
Pros/Wave 1
6:30 am

Heather (835)
7:18 am
2:20 pm
Gary (924)
7:26 am
11:30 am
2:00 pm
Anne (1207)
7:38 am
12:10 pm
2:40 pm
Mary (2035)
8:22 am
12:15 pm
2:45 pm
Christine (2089)
8:22 am
12:35 pm
3:05 pm
Final Wave
8:38 am

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Save The Date

Joe and Melissa Coed Baby Shower
(Is there a better kind of shower?!)
Sunday, Aug. 12, Early Afternoon
Errecart Home
Registered at Babies R Us

Friday, May 11, 2012

A cool opportunity and message from the director of next Saturday's brand new trail run, The Coloma River Run:

Hello Running Group Organizers,
In case you have not received an email from me yet, we will be holding a tune up tour of our beautiful 10 mile trail race tomorrow morning at 8 AM At Magnolia trailhead outside of Lotus.  For those who have signed up for our race this will be a great opportunity to see the course before anyone else and for those who have not yet signed up, a great introduction to the area.  The run will start at 8 AM at Magnolia.  Jeremy Meyers , an avid trail runner and organizing member of our run will be leading any interested runners on the course.  Please share this message with your fellow runners and let us know if you are interested so Jeremy knows how many people to expect. 
Getting to Magnolia trailhead is a bit of a drive from Sacramento , but the scenery is well worth the drive.  The trail is off of Highway 49 just a few miles west of Lotus Ca.  Because it is a trailhead, there is no exact address for Magnolia, but it is simple to find.  Venezio Winery is right across the street from the lot so it is easiest to look them up first, they are at 5821 California 49  Pilot Hill, CA 95664.  If you check the map of the winery you will see a large white parking lot just across the street.  That is the trailhead for our race.  (map is attached)
We hope you and some of your runners can make it tomorrow.  This area is a hidden gem along the California foothills and we cannot wait to see people out there enjoying it with us.  I would also advise to take your time getting up there.  There is road construction on North Shingle Springs road for the next few days and the detours take a little extra time. 
Happy Trails!
Northern CA Inland Chapter
Eric Planzer| Special Events Coordinator e:
Coloma Run on the River, May 19, 2012
Sacramento Walk to Cure Diabetes, Oct, 7, 2012
Follow us on facebook

Sunday, May 6, 2012

gO! 10K Race Results

Congrats to all 27 finishers of the 3rdAnnual gO! 10K this morning! It was truly amazing to see the gO! Runners sweep the podium in ALL of the divisions!!

3rd Annual gO! 10K Official Rseults
May 6, 2012
(paces listed are based on 5.9 mile course)
  1. Joe     40:46    6:54 min./mile
  2. Jodi     43:42    7:24 min./mile
  3. Tim     46:40    7:54 min./mile
  4. Ben     47:29    8:02 min./mile
  5. Dennis     48:56    8:17 min./mile
  6. Laurie     49:03    8:18 min./mile
  7. Jessie     50:40    8:35 min./mile
  8. Rich     51:52    8:47 min./mile
  9. Terri     53:25    9:03 min./mile
  10. Isaac     54:29    9:14 min./mile
  11. Christine     55:10    9:21 min./mile
  12. Heather     56:23    9:33 min./mile
  13. Cassie     56:23    9:33 min./mile
  14. Toni     57:01    9:39 min./mile
  15. Patti     57:10    9:41 min./mile
  16. Leslie     57:51    9:48 min./mile
  17. Kim     58:18    9:52 min./mile
  18. Dan     1:00:52    10:18 min./mile
  19. Lori     1:01:43    10:27 min./mile
  20. Hilary     1:03:09    10:42 min./mile
  21. Ken     1:03:16    10:43 min./mile
  22. Melissa     1:11:03    12:02 min./mile
  23. Leslie     1:11:03    12:02 min./mile
  24. Pam     1:13:13    12:24 min./mile

Friday, May 4, 2012

gO! 10K

3rd Annual gO! 10K Is Here!!
  • Sunday 5/6, 8am
  • Meet at Coffee Republic to carpool (corner of Auburn-Folsom and Greenback) or inside Negro Bar State Recreation Area. There is a $10 park entrance fee so carpooling is recommended. It is also only a 1 mile walk/run from Coffee Republic if you wish to park there and warm up with a jog into the park. 
  • We will gather at the Southwest end of the park in the large grass area. When entering the park, drive into the main parking lot and then continue down the road that exits the parking area at the right end of the lot. We will be where the road dead ends.
  • Race start will be approx. 8:30am.
  • Race will consist of 3 laps of a 2 mile course.We can also do a 2 or 4 mile race for those not ready for a 10K.
  • Aid stations at mile 2 and 4.
  • Awards given for top 3 overall men and women, and 3 deep in "random" age groups chosen by JAG timing.
  • FREE post-race gourmet breakfast burritos!
  • Family members of gO! welcome to race.
  • 1 mile Kid's race (if enough kids) after 10K.
  • Kids may "hang out" with JAG Timing while parents race the 10K if needed.
  • Call Josh if lost or confused: 916-316-4403

Monday, April 30, 2012

Tough Mudder

A few of us have decided to give the Tough Mudder a try! We are doing the Lake Tahoe event on Sunday, Sep. 23! Mark has created a team in which we get a discount based on number of folks on the team. Prices go up TONIGHT, so sign up now if interested!!
Team Name: Tahoe Mudders
Password: tm2012
gO! Running Group,

After 5 successful years Miner's Ravine has decided to come to a close.

Due to trail construction that is projected to close the Miner's Ravine trail this fall for a few months and personal schedules that will prevent us from being able to really commit to the event, we felt it was best to call it quits.

We want to thank you for helping Miner's raise awareness of autism.  We are thrilled to have been able to raise $13k for the UC Davis MIND Institute during the last couple years to support research, services, and programs for autism.

Miner's has surpassed our original goals and we are so happy that it has touched so many people.

Thanks again for your support last few years! We could have never done it without the gO! Group being so involved as volunteers, participants, and supporters!!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's official! 
The Tiger Mile 
May 12, 8:00am - 11:00am! 
Roseville High School
Race day registration is available. Registration closes 20 minutes prior to the start time for the event.
Mother's Mile (in honor of Mother's Day May 13)- 8:00 am start time
Kids Mile - 13 and under - 8:20 am start time
RHS Alumni Mile - 8:40 am start time (in honor of RHS 100th year)
Kids 1/2 Mile - 10 and under - 9:00 am start time
Club Men's Mile - 9:20 am start time (please wear club shirt)
Club Women's Mile - 9:40 am start time (please wear club shirt)
Open Mile - 10:00 am start time
The cost is $5 per runner per event - which goes directly to the RHS Cross Country team for summer camp and out of town events like Mt SAC during the season. Also, you can run more than one mile.
Not interested in running?  You can help in lots of other ways:  1) we need volunteers to work in the snackbar, finish line, announcing booth, timing, and registration booth 2)  we need snack bar items donated like gatorade, water, granola bars, fresh fruit, muffins, bagels, Clif bars, etc.  3)  we need 21 little prize donations like $5 gift cards to Jamba/Starbucks, have a drawing for the entrants of each race 4)  we need spectators to cheer on the runners.
Also, please invite others!
This is going to be so much fun!!
Lisa Vaccaro  RHSXC

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Upcoming Events

Be there!
  • May 6- 3rd Annual gO! 10K, 8am, Location TBD- "Official" 10K course with overall male/female and age-division awards! Official timing and splits done by J.A.G. Timing Company. FREE to all gO! Members and family!
  • May 12- Tiger Mile, Roseville High School. A gO! Invasion is needed to support the Roseville High School Cross Country team. Times TBA, but there will be separate 1 mile races for several divisions. $5 per person.
  • May 20- "Save Anne's Job" Fund Run-  Two gO! Invasions in two weeks, it does not get any better than that!! Let's sweep the podium!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Congrats Joe!

Congrats to Joe for completing his first (of probably many) Boston Marathon yesterday!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

gO! Advocates Starts Tomorrow!

Members of the gO! Group, please welcome gO! Advocates to our family!
We are so glad you have made the commitment to train and race the Santa Rosa 5K, Half-Marathon, or Marathon with us! Our goal is to help you become more fit, and make the next 19 weeks as educational, inspirational and fun as possible for you. The training programs are a slow, steady progression and should be achievable for EVERYONE
If at any time the run distance seems too long, you can slow down and modify the workout to allow your muscles to recover. It is so important not to overdo the running if your body is not ready. You will still be covering the distance prescribed, and will be able to finish your goal race successfully. Try to increase back up to the prescribed distance at your next workout, if it still seems too difficult please let your mentor coaches know and they will adjust your schedule accordingly.
When you are running, it is important that you run at YOUR pace- not the pace your sister or neighbor runs at. The pace should be comfortable enough to talk (but you should not be able to sing!). Running too fast will not only feel horrible, but it will cause excessive fatigue to your muscles. As the length of your run distance increases you may need to slow down. If your run pace slows down significantly from the beginning of your run to the end of your run, then you are either running too long or too fast. Please ask your coaches for guidance.
As you will see in your training plan you will have 4 days of running. It is highly recommended that you commit to these 4 days of running. To truly reap the benefits of the program (and to improve your endurance) your body needs this consistency. Ideally it is best to spread out your run days as planned, but if you need to change your schedule occasionally that is fine.
Logistics and Details
gO! Advocates 1stTraining Run
8am Sunday April 15th
Sculpture Park
336 North Sunrise Avenue
Roseville, CA
All communications regarding the training aspects of gO! Advocates will take place through this blog. I posted the 19 week half marathon and marathon training plans for you to view and/or print. They are located to the right, just click on whichever one you will be participating in. You will also find the running schedule and locations on the calendar at the bottom of the blog. Please get in the habit of checking this blog weekly, if not daily for news, notes, running tips, advice, motivational fun, etc.! There will also be consistent email updates, but please use the blog as your source for gO! info! Also, keep in mind this is obviously the site for all gO! Running Group communications as well, so be sure to look for the "gO! Advocates" specific posts!
You may also email any of the coaches and/or mentor coaches for individual advice or tips at:
· Coach Josh Errecart-
· Coaches Gary & Anne Casagrande-
What to wear? (not all necessary, but good to have)
· Appropriate footwear –the right shoes are critical! We will discuss this at length at the first few meetings. Stop in Fleet Feet for some GREAT advice in shoe wear!
· Light layered technical fabric clothing (check the weather)
§ Socks
§ Shirts - short sleeve/tank (warm weather)
- long sleeve (cool/cold weather)
§ Shorts or tights
§ Vest or light jacket
§ Sports bra – properly fitted!
· Watch - stop watch or with interval timer
What you must have?
· Water bottle pack and water or sports drink
· Energy replacement gels/food (you will most likely leave this stuff in your car, but you will want it on hand after your run)
What you might need or want?
· Heart Rate Monitor – if you choose to use one
· Body Glide for chafing
· Sunglasses
· Sunscreen – apply one hour prior to workout
· Reflective gear in the evening
· Headlamp, reflectors or flash light for the evenings
· Towel
· Change of clothes
What we will provide:
· Coaching on the course
· Bathrooms at most training locations
· Technical Shirt
· Various Seminars
· Written workout schedule
· Weekly emails/blog posts
Check In/Out Policy
§ All training participants are asked to check in and check out of practice in order to ensure your safety. The check in/check out process is very simple.
§ After the "whole group" talk before each run you will gather with your assigned mentor runner in designated area. You will be checked in by them. (we will not form running groups and/or assign mentors until we have run a few times and evaluated each of you)
§ When you return from the workout you must check yourself out with your mentor runner.
Once again welcome to the gO! Advocates training program. We are so excited to help you achieve your goals and help you raise money for a great cause!!
See you tomorrow!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

gO!-ing to Boston

Come wish Joe good luck as we send him off to the Boston Marathon! RSVP on the "Who's Running Where" page.

Friday 4/13 at 7:30 PM
250 North Harding
Roseville, CA

Sunday, April 8, 2012

gO!-ing To Boston

Come wish Joe good luck as we send him off to the Boston Marathon! RSVP on the "Who's Racing Where" page.

Friday 4/13, 7pm
Outback Steakhouse, 181 N. Sunrise Ave., Roseville, CA 95661

gO! 50!

We trained, we conquered!
Great job to all of the gO! Runners who participated at yesterday's American River 50! It was an amazing day to be part of gO! We had racers, pacers, support crew, cheer leaders, bbq'ers, and pot luck organizers that made the day just perfect! Congrats to all!!!!
Check out the GREAT video Tim made for the group...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Come cheer on our gO! Ultra team!!!

We have posted a Potluck Sign-up sheet on the “Who’s Racing Here” link on our blog. It’s a Burger Bar theme. Please list a description of the item that you are bringing so that we can try to avoid duplicates.

There are a couple of options for getting your food to me (Melissa). Non-perishable items can be given to me on Thursday nights run. I will be available on Friday night to pick up any items from you. Items can be dropped off at my mom’s house on Saturday before noon. (email me and I’ll give you her address) She lives at the intersection of Old Auburn and Sierra College. Or you can drop them at the gO! tent at the finish line. Feel free to email me to coordinate

Lastly, Josh made a tentative schedule of where different paced runners should be at different times. It really helped Anne and I track the runners at the HK50. I can email the excel spreadsheet to anyone who wants it.

Hope to see you all on Saturday…and good luck ultra runners!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

gO! Advocates

You are invited to the gO! Advocates official kick-off party next week, where we will officially begin the adventure of training for a half or full marathon together. Whoot whoot!

What: gO! Advocates Team Kick-Off Party

When: Thursday April 5th from 5 to 7pm

Where: Granite Bay, CA


At the party you can expect to learn more about our team, the training plan and our goals. We will also be ready to help you set up your Razoo page, if you haven't done so by then.

We will have plenty of food and drinks so come hungry and thirsty.

If you have any friends interested in joining our team please bring them with you.

Please email your RSVP. Nick will reply with the address and gate code, we look forward to seeing you there!



Child Advocates:

gO! Advocates Team:

Sample Personal Page:

Thursday, March 29, 2012

American River 50 Volunteers Needed

Wanna experience the AR50 even though you are not racing?! Wanna get a glimpse of the early race leaders and cheer the gO! Runners on as they run by? Wanna volunteer your time to make the AR50 a great race?
Kirk (Fleet Feet's marketing director) needs a handful of folks that would be willing to help the store out at their aid station at William Pond Park from 6-9am on race day. It is a ton of fun to help out and you would still have plenty of time to see runners at later checkpoints in the race and at the finish line. Please let Kirk know if you can help by emailing him at

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

gO! Mile (Attempt 2)

GOOD NEWS: We are going to try to record another gO! Mile tonight after a failed attempt two weeks ago due to the rain. BE READY!!
BAD NEWS: We are going to try to record another gO! Mile tonight after a failed attempt two weeks ago due to the rain. BE READY!!
OTHER NEWS: We changed Thursday's run location due to the fact it is on trails and we are unsure about the condition of the trail and the darkness. We will now meet at the Park N Ride in Rocklin on corner of Sunset and Pebble Creek.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weekend Motivation

A book I am reading, Iron War, had these two statements in them. I thought they fit perfectly for what the gO! members are trying to accomplish this weekend! I admire the mental strength in each of you! Good luck this weekend gO!

“To win or succeed (in any endurance event), you have to have physical and mental strength.  And everyone has physical strength.”
-Wolfgang Dittrich

To Continue or To Quit?
In the hardest moments of a long race, an athlete’s entire conscience experience of reality boils down to a desire to continue pitted against a desire to quit.  Nothing else remains.  The athlete is no longer a student or a teacher or a salesman.  He is no longer a son or father or a husband.  He has no social roles of human connections whatsoever.  He is utterly alone.  He no longer has any possessions.  There is no yesterday and no tomorrow, only now.  The agony of extreme endurance fatigue crowds out every thought and feeling except one: the goal of reaching the finish line.  The sensations within the body- burning lungs, screaming muscles, whole body enervation- exists only as the substance of the desire to quit.  What little of the external environment the athlete is aware of– the road ahead, the competitor behind, the urgings of on lookers- exists only as the substance of the desire to continue.  The desire to continue versus the desire to quit- the athlete is in this and this alone until he chooses one or the other.  And when the choice is made he briefly becomes either persevering or quitting until, after he has stopped at the finish line or, god forbid, short of it, the stripped-away layers are piled back on and he becomes his old self again. Only not quite.  He has changed, for better or worse.
-Excerpt from Iron War by Matt Fitzgerald