The gO! Running Group is a Roseville based recreational running group that aims to provide group running opportunities for runners of all abilities. Although our focus is primarily on 5K to marathons, we have members who have completed triathlons (including Ironman events) and ultras. We train on both roads and trails. We currently meet three times per week - Sunday mornings and Tuesday/Thursday evenings.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Joe Takes Direct Flight From Santa Rosa to Boston!

Congrats to Joe for SMASHING his Boston qualifying time (3:10) and punching his ticket to the 2012 Boston Marathon! Joe flew through the Santa Rosa course at a 6:56/mile pace to stop the clock at 3 hours and 2 minutes! Incredible! Here it is by the numbers...
  • 26.2 miles in 3 hours 2 minutes
  • 6:56/mile
  • 8.6mph
  • A pace that is faster than 38 of the 44 recorded 5K PR's on our gO! log
  • At that pace, Joe could run across the country (SF to NYC) in exactly 2 weeks.
  • It is faster than the top reported speed of a house mouse (8.0 mph)
  • He burned an estimated 1018 cal/hour... or a Big Mac and Large Fry per hour
  • He ran the equivalent of 105 laps (400m), non-stop, around the track while averaging 1:43 per lap. 
  • An average "mobility/handicap" scooter could not keep up with Joe's marathon pace as they max out at 8mph.
I hereby declare Joe "The Man," and officially change the gO! Group name to "gO! w/ Joe!"

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First gO! rUNNER to join the 3,000 Mile Club!

Congratulations to Laurie Beyer who has taken gO! to a new level by being the first to have recorded over 3,000 gO! miles. That is the equivalent of running from Sculpture Park in Roseville, CA to the easternmost end of Long Island, NY. Way to gO! Laurie! You rock!