The gO! Running Group is a Roseville based recreational running group that aims to provide group running opportunities for runners of all abilities. Although our focus is primarily on 5K to marathons, we have members who have completed triathlons (including Ironman events) and ultras. We train on both roads and trails. We currently meet three times per week - Sunday mornings and Tuesday/Thursday evenings.

Monday, April 13, 2015

gO! Invasion?
Guest blog by Bryan

When there hasn’t been a good invasion in a while, people (Race Directors) get complacent.  They forget the fear that the image of a marauding horde of gO! runners historically struck in their hearts.  It is time to resurrect this dreaded scourge of the local racing scene and plan a good old-fashioned gO! Invasion or two.  One of our Benevolent Leaders (that would be Anne) has mentioned this recently, and some worthy candidates have emerged:

Coloma River Run (5k, 10k, 10 mile distances).  Cronan Ranch area on Hwy 49.  Saturday, May 16th.  This looks to be a great trail run on a nice, challenging course that you may not have had the opportunity to run before.  A great value with a special gO! discount code (see our Facebook page for the code) and a nice price ($35 plus signup fee).  Reliable sources have told us about free BBQ, raffles for wine, swag and medals!  And nobody needs to remind you that the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund is a great cause.  Signups are currently open.


Beat the Blerch (10k, half marathon, full marathon)
Sacramento (think Raley Field).  Saturday, November 14th.  This is a road course that we suspect will
include some familiar territory, but apparently won’t exactly be a typical run!  Think cupcakes, folks in “Blerch” costumes chasing you and we’ve heard rumors of comfortable seating at some aid stations.  Not sure about price, but likely in line with a higher-end run of the same distance.  Some of the proceeds go to charity, although we’re not familiar with specifics since the race was just announced.  While new toSacramento, the inaugural event in Washington last year received very good press.  Based on this press and ‘buzz’, the event is expected to sell out very quickly (perhaps in minutes).  Signups open Friday, April 17th, 9:00 AM.

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